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What is the process?
A complimentary 1/2 hour organizing consultation will be provided between the client and the Professional Organizer at their residence or place of business.The client will discuss and show Jane the areas that need to be addressed or discuss the project details to determine the best possible solution. Jane will perform an assessment including asking many questions and listening to the client's needs. A Client Agreement is signed and Jane will begin creating the action plan. A next appointment will be scheduled between the organizer and client to begin work.

Do I need supplies?
Any supplies that are needed will be provided by the Professional Organizer. All tables, sorting bins, shredder, office supplies and Jane's "Bag of Tricks" items to be used during the organizing session are all complimentary and will be promptly removed once the project or session has been completed. If any other type of supplies are needed, this will be discussed between Jane and the client and will be purchased by Jane or the client.

Jane knows organizing and what organizational products are best to be purchased and used and where to purchase such items.

Gift Certificates?
Yes, gift certificates are available.

Does Jane travel outside of Naples?
Yes. Many of Jane's clients are former CEO's of Private, Public and Fortune 500 companies who request her to travel to second and third homes homes in Florida, the US and Europe to assist with moves, training Assistants, House Mangers, House Keepers, other employees and help extended family.
All flights, rental vehicles, hotels and food will be charged to client for length of project and Jane will only charge for flight time and hourly work.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, licensed with Collier County and Insured.

How long does it take to get organized?
All organizing projects are unique.

Minimum Hours?
A three hour minimum is required to work with Professional Organizer.Jane is always concerned about her client's health and organizing may become overwhelming for some client's. Jane never pushes her client's. Thus the three hour minimum is subject to change per Jane.

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Licensed and Insured