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Tragic events do unfortunately occur, even here in paradise. Make sure you have a current inventory of the items in your home, office, rental homes and properties, including word photos and serial numbers when necessary. Anything that would need to be replaced in the event of a disaster should be inventoried including, but not limited to; artwork, electronics, furniture, jewelry, vehicles, wardrobe and any other household items. Designed 2 Organize will work with you to detail all your precious items and provide a thorough listing as well as a second back up version for off-site, long-term storage. Annual maintenance is recommended or a special service call can be completed if you made a new major purchase and would like to keep your inventory up to the minute. Home inventory may also be stored electronically.
  • Emergency and Inventory Preparedness
Peace of mind can come from being prepared in the case of a disaster. Designed 2 Organize can help you prepare your home and life in the event of an emergency. Having supplies ready in case of hurricane or the knowledge that your financial records are stored safely can make all the difference in your decision to ride out the storm or evacuate. Call today to discuss your options with Designed 2 Organize and make sure your belongings and lifestyle are protected.


Jane obtained her B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and brings this knowledge to provide assistance in wardrobe planning, design and fashion recommendations. Everyone needs an experienced eye and voice when it comes to fashion. Jane’s years of experience in creating personal style will help each client find balance in their entire wardrobe. Contact Designed 2 Organize today to discuss your goals and define your personal fashion statement.

  • CUSTOM FASHION BOOKS/DIGITAL FASHION BOOKS : A photo compilation of your wardrobe, outfits, accessories, inventory
    Fashion challenged? Never spend time trying to coordinate your outfit or image again! Designed 2 Organize will create a custom fashion book of your wardrobe with your accessories. This is a wonderful way to inventory your wardrobe and accessory collections, and updates easily with additions/deletions to your wardrobe.

  • We will begin by organizing your closet, then wardrobing with what remains in your existing closet. We will then plan to add what is needed and missing from your wardrobe.


Designed 2 Organizehelp create more time for you with personal shopping assistance,Whether you need to find that perfect outfit, or prepare for a special occasion, family visit or even your weekly shopping, Jane Samargedlis will help. Jane's expert judgement will help you locate that special gift for the person that has everything.


Moving is one of the most stressful events in our lives. There are always so many details to tend to and arrangements to be made. Designed 2 Organize has years of experience with local moving companies and will help you with interviews/bids, preparation and organizing the move, packing, unpacking and even finding the best local services to help you once your move is complete. Let Designed 2 Organize handle all the details so you can experience just how smooth a move can be.


Jane Samargedlis will discuss your vacation and will assist with the proper wardrobe planning for your trip. Jane will then pack all your items and even provide a photo book of outfits for your trip. You will then be truly ready to go on vacation.

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